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 Shanghai Aviantion Exhibition Hall:

 Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiasts Centre:

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Address: 7900 Huming Rd.,
Caohejing High-Tech Area, Shanghai
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Museum and the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Aerospace

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2996 Dongfeng 102

2996 Dongfeng 102

Photo Gallery

City: Shanghai
Zip code:  
Country: China
Web site: www.shapc.org
Contact: ofice@shapc.org
Phone: +86 21-648 04 950
Fax: +86 21-648 06 759
Opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00
Admission: Yes
Gift shop: Yes
How to get there: The museum is located next to station Jinjiang Park on metro line 1. Exit station (only one exit), underpass to the right (crossing street on surface not recommended), turn left when exiting the underpass. Walk ~ 1 km. Pass amusement park, and a large hotel, and a commercial building. Entrance is on right, address is clearly marked on gate, 7900 Huming Rd. Tail of DC-8 is visible from sidewalk.
Aircraft Collection:

It gives detailed information on Shanghai Aerospace achievements - missile, spacecraft, satellite and launch vehicles, as well as Shanghai aerospace experts and academicians. The CZ-4 launch vehicle, Shen Zhou spaceship, CK-1, FY-1 and FY-2 satellites are also exhibited.














Dongfeng 102

Harbin Z-5

Ilyushin Il-14M

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15UTI

Nanchang A-5

Shenyang F-8E

Shenyang F-5

Shenyang F-6

Shengyang XI-7 Jian Fan

Shengyang XI-9 Jian Fan

Quickie Aircraft Quickie 1

Microlight SB582

Photo Gallery

9328 Harbin Z-5

9328 Harbin Z-5

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652 Ilyushin IL-14M Mao's private plane

652 Ilyushin IL-14M, Mao Zedong private plane

Photo Gallery

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