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Address: Carl Cederstroms gata,
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Postal address: Flygvapenmuseum
581 98 Linkoping


2543/9  Fiat J11 (CR42) Falco

2543/9  Fiat J11 (CR42) Falco

Photo Gallery

17005/5 Saab S17BL

17005/5 Saab S17BL

Photo Gallery


Updated Version

City: Linkoping
Zip code:  
Country: Sweden
Web site: www.flygvapnmuseum.se
Contact: info@flygvapenmuseum.se
Phone: + 46 (0)13 28 35 67
Fax: + 46 (0)13 29 93 04
Opening hours: Sept-May: Tues-Sunday 12.00-16.00
  June-Aug: daily 10.00-17.00

The museum is closed on the following public holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Day, 1st May, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.


The museum is always open on Easter Monday, Sweden's National Day 6th June, Midsummer Day, All saint's Day (the first Saturday in November) and Boxing Day.

Admission: Yes
Gift shop: Yes
How to get there:

The Air Force Museum is situated on Malmen in Malmslatt, about 7 km west of Linkoping. If you are coming by car take the 111 turn-off from the E4 motorway and then follow the brown and white signs to the museum. If you are coming by public transport take the 213 bus to Malmslatt from the Travel Centre in Linkoping and get off at the Air Force Museum. The bus journey takes about 20 minutes and there is a bus every 20 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Aircraft collection:

on outside display:

(32197)/21 A.32A pr, F6 mks
(35375)/05 J.36D pr (plaything)
37-1/51 AJ.37 pr
37301/01 JA.37 pr, FC mks
37800/22 SK.37 pr, FC mks
(47001)79 TP.47 pr (Catalina)
52002/02 TP.52 pr, F8 mks (Canberra)
60113/113 SK.60A pr, F5 mks
(79007)/797 TP.79 pr, F13 mks (Dakota)
82001/80 TP.82 pr, F8 mks (Varsity)
83008/85 TP.83 pr, F13M mks (Pembroke)

on inside display:

04 SK.1 pr (Albatross B.II)
53 Breguet CD-1 pr, replica
80 SE.101 pr (SG.38 )
0155/A B.3C-2 pr, F21 mks (Ju-86)
386/86 S.6B pr, F3 mks (Fokker C.V)
515/19 SK.11A pr, F5 mks (Tiger Moth)
536/101 SK.10 pr, F1 mks (Raab RK-26)
610/110 ? pr, F5 mks
670/60 SK.12 pr, F5 mks (FW.44)
801-42/01 MFI.9B pr, F5 mks, civil only!
814/61 P.1 pr, F8 mks (Sparmann S.1A)
945 M.7 pr
947 J.1 pr (Phonix 122)
2134/53 J.9 pr, F3 mks (Seversky EP.106)
(2340)/40 J.20 pr, F10 mks (Re.2000)
2543/9 J.11 pr, F9 mks (CR.42)
3656 O.1 pr (Tummelisa)
3812/67 S.14 pr, F3 mks (composite) (Fi.156)
5075/116 SK.15B pr, F5 mks (Klemm 35)
5558/58 SK.9 pr, real id 558 (DH.60)
8211/5 SE.103 pr, F5 mks (Kranich II)
8316 SE.104 pr, F5 mks (Weihe)
(01001)/01 HKP.1 pr, 1 HD mks (Vertol 44)
02406/92 HKP.2 pr, F7 mks (Alouette II)
05221/21 HKP.5B pr (H.300)
16109/82 SK.16A pr, F10 mks (Harvard)
17005/5 B.17BL pr, F3 mks
18172/D B.18B pr
21364/R J.21A-3 pr, F6 mks
21463/N J.21A pr, F7 mks, real id 21286!
22280/L J.22-2 pr, F3 mks (FFVS 22)
25114/314 SK.25 pr, F5 mks (Bu.181)
26020/A J.26 pr, F16 mks (P-51)
28001/P J.28A pr, F3 mks (Vampire)
29398/F J.29B pr, F22 and UN mks
31051/51 Spitfire PR.XIX pr, F11 mks, real id Indian AF HS964!
32541/06 J.32E pr, F3 mks
33025/E J.33 pr, F1 mks (Venom)
34016/06 J.34 pr, F9 mks (Hunter)
(35410) J.35F pr, nose only, F3 mks
? J.35 pr, nose only, F18 mks
(39-2)/2 JAS.39 pr
50046/46 SK.50B pr, F5 mks 
60091/91 SK.60B pr, F5 mks
78001 TP.78 pr, F2 mks (UC-64)
- Saab 210 pr
-/2 B.16 pr, replica (CA.313)
-/3 SE.102 pr, F3 mks (Grunau Baby)
278/H J.8A pr, Fin AF mks (F19) (Gladiator)
(714)/M B.4A pr, Fin AF mks (F19) (Hawker Hart)

09209/09 Hkp9


storage hangar (hangar 109):

03422/92 HKP.3B std, F10 mks (AB.204)
04451/91 HKP.4A std, F17 mks (KV.707)
(06274)/74 HKP.6A std
25000/76 SK.25 std, F8 mks (Bu.181)
28311/17 J.28B std, F5 mks
28451/81 SK.28C std, F5 mks (Vampire T.55)
29507/53 J.29F std, F3 mks
29970/17 S.29C std, F3 mks
32917/17 S.32C std, F11 mks
35539/39 J.35J std, F10 mks
35906/06 S.35E std outside, F11 mks
35811/80 SK.35C std, F10 mks
50042/72 SK.50 std, F3 mks (also SE-KUA)
50051/72 SK.50 std, F13 mks (both SK.50's had code 72, not a typo!)
53273/83 FPL.53 std, Armen mks (Do.27)
54382/82 FPL.54 std (MFI.10C)
61006/06 SK.61A std, F5 mks (Bulldog)
61030/30 SK.61D std, F5 mks
61068/68 SK.61C std, Armen mks
91104/4 SK.50?? std, F8 mks ==> is this 50068, which should be present?
15 Thulin J std
AT-160 TF.35 std, Esk 725 mks
G-ANVU DH.104 std, c/n 04082, civil only?
N9887A Beech E.18S std, ex Marocco AF (serial anyone?)
SE-CAS Meteor T.7 std, ex WF833
SE-EBI Skyraider AEW.1 std, ex WT947
SE-KAE NC.701 std, c/n 264, ex mil? (Si.206D)
SE-XCB MFI.15 std, c/n 01, prototype (not mil?)

stored outside on airfield:

(06276)/76 HKP.6A std
(06280)/80 HKP.6A std
(32571)/09 J.32E std
(32604)/25 J.32B std
(32605)/26 J.32B std
(35959)/35 S.35E std, FC mks
(85172)/851 TP.85 std, F13M mks
Apparently there was also another (tailless) Lansen stored next to the Draken; if somebody knows more about this aircraft I would be interested....

in restoration hangar:

03306/46 HKP.3C u. rest.
(35-5)/05 J.35B u. rest.
(35-9) J.35B std, nose only outside
37108/55 AJS.37 std, F10 mks
24ye Lim-2 std outside (real id Pol AF 215)


New New
06048/SE-JVB Hkp6B

10 Donner & Leveque Type A

02201/01 Sud Aviation Hkp2 (Alouette 2)

02404/92 Sud Aviation Hkp2 (Alouette 2)

Photo Gallery 

05221/21   Hughes Hkp5B

05221/21   Hughes Hkp5B (300)

Updated Version

 Updated Version 05-14

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