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 NASA Dryden Flight Research Center:

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Bldg 4839, 4800 Lilly Drive

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City: Edwards AFB

 N810NA Vought F-8A "Super Critical Wing"

N810NA Vought F-8A "Super Critical Wing"

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N802NA  Vought F-8C "Digital Fly-by-Wire"

N802NA  Vought F-8C "Digital Fly-by-Wire"

46-0063  Bell X-1E

46-0063  Bell X-1E

Zip code: 93523-0273
State: California
Country United States of America
Web site: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/home/
Phone: (661) 276-3449
Opening hours: They suspended tours to Nasa Dryden/Armstrong due to budget cuts.
Aircraft can be seen just outside the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
Admission: No
Gift shop: Yes
How to get there: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center is a tenant of Edwards Air Force Base and is located on the western edge of the Mojave Desert, about 90 miles north of Los Angeles.
To All Visitors: When you arrive at a gate entering Edwards AFB, tell the guard your destination. You must have proof of insurance showing the effective date and expiration date, two forms of photo identification including a valid driver's license with photo, and a current vehicle registration to gain access to Edwards AFB. If there are any problems, please call the NASA Public Affairs Office at (661) 276-3449.









Bell X-1E

Rockwell X-15

F-8A "Super Critical Wing"

F-8C "Digital Fly-by-Wire"

SR-71A Blackbird

Northrop X-29A

General Dynamics F-16A

Gulfstream G-1159 STA

Updated Version

 82-0049    Northrop X-29A

82-0049    Northrop X-29A

 Updated Version 12-11


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