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99'S Museum of Women Pilots

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4300 Amelia Earhart Road

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159

United States of America





+1 405 685 9990


Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 16:00

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 




99'S Museum of Women Pilots - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma - USA

Updated Version

Aircraft collection

The 99s museum chronicles the rich history of women aviators from Amelia Earhart to today's women of space. An extensive collection of artifacts belonging to Amelia include a pair of leather goggles, her "lucky" bracelet (which she left behind on her last flight), one of her famous scarves and numerous other articles. While there are many on display, many other items, which are too fragile to exhibit, are being carefully stored until such times as the museum can afford to properly show them.

Updated Version












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